The following actions and forms of conduct are not permitted in the Niagara Falls Public Library or on library property:

1. Any action or behavior which is disruptive, disturbing, or potentially harmful to others.

2. Engaging in loud conversation or any other noise-producing activity which is disturbing to other library patrons, including the use of any electronic or mechanical device which produces noise or other effect disturbing to other patrons. Using obscene or abusive language.

3. Any disorderly conduct, including running, fighting, challenging to fight, or provoking violence.

4. Improper use of furniture, equipment or materials.

5.  Moving tables, chairs or other furniture. 

6. Intentionally damaging, destroying, or stealing any library property or a patron's or staff property.

7. Intentionally taking library property or materials outside the building without going through established loan procedures or other authorization, or other intentional acts to violate library policies or procedures.

8. Loitering, sleeping or putting head, legs or feet on the table.

9.  Not wearing shoes or shirt, or wearing clothes unbuttoned or unzipped.

10. Blocking or interfering with the free movement (actual or potential) of individuals. Bringing in any items, materials, or objects which take up an excessive amount of space, restrict the movement of individuals or present a potential harm, danger or distraction. Luggage and bedrolls are prohibited.

11. Any repeated or excessive harassment or invasion of privacy of library staff or patrons.

12. Any sexual act, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, exhibitionism, or indecent exposure.

13. Consumption or use of any food, beverages, or tobacco in building; possession of open food or drink (except for official library functions in designated areas).

14.  Use of electronic cigarettes in the building or within 100 feet of any entrance.

15. Possession or consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs or being under the influence of same.

16. Taking library materials into restrooms or improper use of restrooms, including loitering and bathing.

17. Soliciting, surveying, selling of any kind, political campaigning, and distribution or posting of materials not specifically authorized by the Library Director.

18. Unauthorized or unscheduled group meetings.

19. Unauthorized use of meeting rooms or any unauthorized area, including stairwells, elevators, or any area around the building.

20. Unauthorized use of a non-public door or any non-public area.

21.  Adults using the children’s area.  This area is for children and their parents or care providers only.

22. Use of library for child-attending services; leaving a child under five years of age unattended by a responsible person for any amount of time; leaving a child of any age an excessive period of time or beyond closing.

23. Refusal to leave library after designated closing time.

24. Unauthorized, improper or unsafe use of any library parking area.

25. Animals in the building, except assistance animals.

26. Any activity or behavior that is potentially harmful to library buildings, property, patrons, or staff. Such as wearing skates or using skateboards.

27. Carrying illegal weapons of any type.

28. Any illegal acts or conduct in violation of Federal, State, or local law, ordinance or regulation.

A person conducting any of the above actions will, after warning by library personnel, be asked to leave the premises. A person who persists in the disapproved conduct and who refuses to leave the building and grounds when requested to do so, will be subjected to the reporting of such incident to the local police and/or may have their library privileges suspended.


Revised October 2013