Quick Guide: Getting Started with Axis 360 & Blio

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You'll be downloading books in no time by following the two-step process below. First, download and install the Blio Reader, then go to the Axis 360 site and begin downloading eBooks. You must have a library card issued by the Niagara Falls Public Library to borrow books via Axis 360.

Step 1: Download and install the Blio reader

To download eBooks from the library, you first need to download the Blio reader software or application onto your computer or device, create a Blio ID & password, and then check out the eBooks from Axis360.

The easiest way to do this is to go to the the NFPL Axis 360 site using your device, click on Get the App, select your device, and follow the install process. We have also included alternate instructions for a variety of devices below. Click here for a printable instructional brochure.

You must have a card issued by the Niagara Falls Public Library to borrow eBooks via Axis 360.

For Kindle Fire
1. From your device, tap Settings, then More
2. Tap Device and then Allow Installation of Applications
3. Toggle switch to ON and tap OK
4. Open your web browser
5. Go to: http://bits.blioreader.com/update
6. Choose the link named KNFB Blio 2.5.1 PROD.apk.
7. Tap the number in the upper left of the Kindle. KNFB Blio 2.5.1 PROD.apk will begin downloading
8. Click on the word “Install” in the grey area under the permissions. Click Done when Install is Complete.
9. From homepage carousel, click Blio to launch the app
10. Tap Create an account
11. Fill out registration to create a Blio ID & password
12. When done, tap Create account

For Android Devices
1. From your device, tap on Google Play Store
2. Search for Blio eBooks and then tap Install
3. Follow the download instructions
4. When done, open the Blio eBooks app
5. Tap Create an account (if you're new user)
6. Fill out registration to create a Blio ID & password
7. When done, tap Create account

For Windows PC and Netbooks
1. Go to http://www.meetblio.com/download/
2. Click Windows PC (or Netbooks)
3. Click Run and follow the download instructions
4. When done, click Finish
5. Open Blio reader on your computer
6. Click Create an account
7. Enter your email & create a password
8. Click Create an account

For iPad and iPhone
1. From your device, open the App Store
2. Search for Blio and then tap Install
3. Follow the download instructions
4. From your device, go to http://www.blio.com
5. Tap New Account (top right)
6. Register for a new Blio ID & password
7. When done, tap Continue
8. Tap Sign Out and close the web browser
9. Tap the Blio app and then Log In
10. Enter Blio ID (email) & password and then tap Go

Step 2: Download eBooks from Axis360
Select and check out eBook titles using a computer or a handheld device.

1. Go to http://nfpl.axis360.baker-taylor.com

2. To select eBook title, click on book cover and then on one of the following options:

Checkout Now:  Check out the book immediately.  This option results in an automatic checkout period of 14 days.  

Add to Checkout List: Use this option if you want select more than one book, or if you would like to select a loan period of between 1 and 14 days.

Add to Wish List: Use this to save titles that you want to remember, but don’t plan to check out immediately.

Place on Hold:  This option will appear if a book is checked out to another user.  Select it to place yourself on the list for the next available copy.  You will be prompted to enter your email address so that you can be notified when your book arrives.  Titles will be held for 3 days.

3. If you have created a Checkout List, click on Shopping Cart (top right) and slide bar to select loan period.

4. Click Confirm Checkout

5. Complete Axis360 user profile (1st time only)

6. Enter your library card & PIN numbers (same as used to log in to your library account), and then click Login

7. Enter your Blio ID & password, and click Login

8. Click OK (the title will be delivered to your device)

9. To read, open Blio reader on your device

10. To sync title, tap Book Archive (Android), or Get Books (iPad)


  • You may borrow up to 5 eBooks at a time. 
  • Minimum loan period is 1 day, maximum is 14 days. 
  • Books cannot be returned before their due date.
  • You must have a Niagara Falls Public Library card that begins with 24305 to borrow books via Axis 360.
  • At this time, the service is not compatible with the original Kindle and Nook devices.